Copenhagen-Oslo bike tour

Cycle through Denmark, Sweden and Norway

 Copenhagen - Oslo
 Oslo - Copenhagen

  • Daily stages: ◉◉◎◎◎
  • Altitude profile: ◉◉◎◎◎
  • ca. 360 km by bike


∅ km per day

A bike trip through nature and design, this ride across three countries hunts the essence of enchanting beauty. Skies so low that you feel like you can touch them, long days, and wide ample spaces where nature reigns supreme. As soon as you leave Copenhagen you encounter two gems of this itinerary: the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art as well as the Shakespearian castle of Kronoborg in Helsingør. The following days are dedicated to explore the Swedish coastline and Kattegat route, which is also Sweden's first national bike route. The further you get up North, the more it gets wild and jagged. You cross the border and enter Norway by train, to see beautiful forests and lakes while appreaching Oslo, the majestic capital city of Norway by bike. 

Note: This trip is available in both directions. 

Day 1: Arrival to Copenhagen

Make sure to arrive early in Copenhagen to have time to explore the city, most attractions are awaiting you in walking distance from your hotel. From Nyhavn you can discover most sights by one of the numerous hop-on hop-off sightseeing boats from the water. For lunch you should go for one of those many great options - choose a typical Smørrebrød - Danish for butter (smørre) and bread (brød), which is available in many variations for a light lunch. In the afternoon there is time to visit one of the numerous museums and attractions. More information can be found on visitcopenhagen.com.

Scandinavia is also very well-known for it's New Nordic Cuisine, so if you are a foodie we recommend to book a table in advance. Bike Sweden's favourite guide is the "White Guide", where you can find the best restaurants in the Nordics. Ask us for recommendations! 

Day 2: Copenhagen - Helsingør ca. 50 m + ferry to Helsingborg

Cycling through the streets of Copenhagen is an amazing way to start your tour. Once left the city you will follow the path along the coast enjoying the magnificent view over Sweden. The stage continues between beautiful mansions; then you will cross the famous Bellevue beach before arriving in Dyrehaven Park, the royal hunting ground. After passing through the beautiful towns of Humlebaek and after visiting the most important Louisiana museum of modern art you reach Helsingor with its Kronborg fortress made famous by Shakespeare’s Hamlet. After a short ferry ride (not included) you will enter Sweden. 

Day 3: Helsingborg - Båstad ca. 65 km

In Helsingborg , the "the pearl of Öresund" the old town and Kärnan Tower are worth to see, the remains of the medieval castle that were located at the harbor. The today route runs follows the sea through agricultural area with farms and lakes to Ängelholm, located in the middle of Skälderviken bay. You continue along the coast, enjoying beautiful landscapes, fishing villages, forests and lakes. Sailing boats and farms are coining Båstad, the popular holiday and tennis resort and final destination of your cycling day. 

Day 4: Båstad - Varberg by train, Varberg - Kungsbacka ca. 60-70 km

After breakfast you reach Varberg within an hour by train (not included). Varberg welcomes you with its impressive fortress. North of Varberg the landscape changes - the sandy beaches are fewer and smaller, while rocky coastline starts to dominate and the first islands begin to appear in the sea. In Åsa you leave the sea for a moment to bike through farmland and rolling hills to Fjärås Bräcka. Take a break and enjoy the views of both the lake and the sea, and visit the Li burial ground with its more than 100 stone megaliths. Along fields and horse farms you will reach Kungsbacka finally, a cozy small town with impressing old city.

Day 5: Kungsbacka - Gothenburg ca. 45 km, Gothenburg - Halden/Sarpsborg by train

You missed the sea? Thanks heaven it will accompany you again today. You will pass Vallda and Särö, the former playground of the ancient royal family and Gothenburg high society. Afterwards you will soon reach the old railway, now converted into a bike path just near the sea. Cliffs, lush forests, bays and marinas line your path into Gothenburg. Follow the harbor to enter Sweden’s second largest city, the short cycling route allows to see a bit from the city before you jump in the train to Halden (ca. 2 hours, not included). 

Day 6: Halden/Sarpsborg - Moss ca. 65 km

On small roads and bike paths you cycle to Moss, beautifully located on the east bank of the Oslofjord, between the mainland and Jeløya island. 

Day 7: Moss - Oslo ca. 75 km

Your last stage leads you along the long inlet of the Oslofjord past small towns till Oslo, the capital of Norway. Here we are! Enjoy your well-deserved Norwegian dinner and explore the city during your stroll back to the hotel. 

Day 8: Individual departure or extra nights

After breakfast your bike trip ends. We are happy to book extra nights for you to explore the many places of interest in Oslo.