Our terms and conditions: Sightseeing tours

Make sure you have read and understood these terms and conditions before you book. Contact us if you have any questions or require clarification.​ By making a booking with Bike Guide Sweden AB (short: Bike Sweden) you agree to our full terms and conditions.


Bookings for public tours can be made through our website or info(at)bikesweden.se. Private guided tours must be booked via email. When reservations are made via email, a Bike Sweden representative will reply with a detailed cost breakdown, and it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that all items requested are included on the quote and to check for any errors or omissions.


Reservations are not confirmed or guaranteed until full payment has been received, or a credit card has been registered, or unless otherwise confirmed by a Bike Sweden agent. Please note that payments can be made with credit- or debit cards only, we do not take any cash.

Cancellation policy and refunds

Public tours: Cancellations made until 24 hours before the tour will be refunded in full. Cancellations after that will be charged a 100% fee. 

Private tours: Cancellations until 7 days before the tour will be refunded in full. Cancellations between 7 and 3 days in advance will be charged a 20% fee. Cancellations less than 72 hours in advance are non-refundable.

On the day of the booking

Customers must arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled tour start (i.e. guests must arrive for the 10am public tour by 9.45am at the latest). Tour bookings will be considered void if the customer arrives less than 15 minutes before scheduled departure. Cancellations on the part of the customer due to weather will not be refunded.


Private tour customers may reschedule tours without fee, given they provide minimum 7 days notice before scheduled departure. Those that wish to reschedule a tour with between 7 and 3 days notice must pay a 20% fee. Tours rescheduled with less than 3 days notice must pay a 40% fee. Private tour guests that miss their scheduled departure will be granted a 50% credit to use on a later tour, which must be booked within 7 days of the missed tour (but may depart at a later date). 

Public tour customers may reschedule tours without fee, given they provide minimum 7 days notice before scheduled departure. Those that wish to reschedule a tour with between 7 and 3 days notice must pay a 20% fee. Tours rescheduled with less than 3 days notice must pay a 40% fee. Guests that miss their scheduled departure will not be refunded, and must make a new purchase in order to attend a later tour.

Deliveries and transportation of bikes

A bike transfer can be organised upon payment of a delivery fee (please contact us for a quote). Customers ordering delivery must provide a phone number and delivery address at least 1 week before delivery. In order to minimise the chance of problems and to ensure the delivery arrives at the correct time, we strongly advise customers to call us 1-2 days before the delivery date to finalise and confirm the delivery time and location. 

If customers are not going to be present at the time of the drop off, they must have arranged for the bike to be stored safely. If the Bike Sweden delivery agent determines that the location provided is inadequately secure, the bike will be returned to the Bike Sweden office and the customer will have to pay the delivery fee again in order to receive the bike at a later time/date. 

Locking of bicycles

It is absolutely necessary to ensure that bicycles are never left unattended unless securely and properly locked. Locks are provided upon request and their correct use will be illustrated by Bike Sweden staff. Customers must pay a replacement fee for any lost keys or broken locks. Bikes should never be left in an unsecure area overnight, even if locked. These bikes must be kept both locked and behind a locked door or gate.


Online bookings need to be made at least 1 day before the tour. We are proud of the cleanliness of our bikes, and it is the duty of customers to return them clean. We need to ask for a cleaning fee of SEK 50:- per bike in case bikes are returned dirty.

Repairs or problems during the usage of our bikes

We provide bikes that are in good working order. If you should have a problem, please inform the staff on spot or the guide while on tour. We will correct any problems that are not a result of accident or misuse without cost and get you back on the road as soon as possible. If repairs cannot be made quickly a replacement bike will be provided. 

Insurance / liability / theft or loss

By booking a tour with us, you agree to take full responsibility for the following, including but not limited to: Bicycles and bicycle accessories (bags, baskets, child Seats etc), as well as the products not necessarily listed on the contract, but loaned to you in good faith, including but not limited to: Helmets, repair Kits, pumps, lights, locks, etc. 

Full responsibility means that in the event of theft, loss or catastrophic damage (damage beyond what can be called reasonable wear and tear) of all or part of the products, you will pay Bike Sweden the full current value of the items stolen / lost / damaged beyond reasonable limits. Bike Sweden reserves the right to determine the value of all lost / stolen / damaged goods. The replacement fee is in addition to any amount already paid and will be charged to the credit card details provided earlier (when booking the service). Credit card information is stored securely and encrypted via Stripe. Bikes that are not returned to our location on time and without notifying us risk being charged to your card. You will also provide a police report confirming the details of the theft, or the remains of the equipment in the event of catastrophic damage.

We encourage all customers to take out travel insurance which covers theft and damage to rental equipment. Check with your credit card provider if this is one of their inclusions.

Conditions are subject to change and only set at time of the booked service.